Dry Creek Trail / Trapper Creek Wilderness:

Fungi with Fun Guys:

Our first hike after Mt. St. Helen’s was a rainy, but stunning mini-hike in early November.  We met at Phil and Annie’s beforehand, and had an amazing sunrise view of the shadow of Mt Hood across the clouds on our way there.  Annie was off to Squim, OR with the kids to visit her Mum, and we packed them up before everyone went on their ways.


The Trapper Creek Wilderness is on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge.



The hike was fairly short and easy, especially compared to Mt St Helen’s.  I lagged a bit behind though, taking photos.  There was barely a sound but for a few birds, the creek, and the tomfoolery of these two:


The forest was lovely, and the creek was full and fast due to the rain I’m sure.

trail creek

Most of the trail runs along the creek but is quite safe for adults.  Kids might create additional challenges, just be aware.


There’s quite a bit of fungi along the trail as well.  We even met a mushroom forager along the way.  He had hiked in from the other side of the trail and crossed the creek. (we did not)  His basket was full of a multitude of specimens.  Here are just a few of the many I photographed along the way.


Phil pointed out this amazing insect art as well:etched-wood

We were a bit damp when we arrived back at the truck, but being out again together – even in a smaller group- felt great!  The stop at a local pub helped as well!

The weather and our schedules since then have been prohibitive to us getting back out there, but plans are in the making!  We’ll be including more of our original group and a select few extras!!!!




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